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Flamelike candles

Flamelike candles - Flameless Candles - Set of 3 Flickering led Candles, Real Wax,Battery Operated. Beautiful Home Decor or Gift

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Live Laugh Love

Are you searching for an inspirational home decor piece that will instantly light up any room, office or living space?

Do you love the idea of no mess faux candles with auto timer functions and a warm inviting flickering light?

Enjoy this 3 pack of Live Laugh Love cylinder flamelike candles with high efficiency LED bulbs.

Tiered Design

Each fake flame candle has a 3” diameter, but each candle has a different height to create attractive centerpieces and interesting displays.

The “Live” candle is the shortest at 4 inches tall, the “Laugh” is the middle height candle at 5 inches tall and the “Love” candle is the tallest at 6 inches high.

Each candle has a burlap twine accent around the bottom edge.

Lifelike Design

These candles look real but give off no smoke or flame.

We use safe LED bulbs that flicker with a warm and inviting yellow light that looks incredible with the real wax outer shell.

Great Gift

These candles are fantastic gifts for anyone who wants to be able to reuse the LED design over and over again.

Faux candles are amazing housewarming presents and are especially great for families with young children or active pets.

Each pack contains 3 individual battery operated LED flamelike candles.

Each candle requires 2 AA batteries (not Included)

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