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Flamelike Candles

Flamelike Candles - Set of 3 candles love laugh live

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  • ✔ SOFT FLICKERING LED LIGHT: These unique, modern candles feature soft LED lights that flicker and dance just like traditional flame candles.
  • ✔ AUTOMATIC DAILY TIMER: Turn on the timer mode and candles will stay on for 4 hours and then automatically turn back on at the same time the following day. Place them anywhere for automatic candlelight daily.
  • ✔ INSPIRATIONAL DÉCOR: Twine wraps around each candle’s base, and the inspirational words “live,” “laugh” and “love” shine on both sides of each candle.
  • ✔ REAL WAX: Genuine wax creates a softer, more natural glow than plastic-bodied candles for a superior look that shines.